Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going to Michigan

For the Game Guide for the Michigan game Tony wrote a story about transporting the teams’ equipment to Michigan and asked me to get some pictures. So I went to Wednesdays practice and after the team was done the equipment manager and his team loaded the truck so it could be driven the 30 hours to the big house. It was an impressive to see how fast they got everything from communication equipment, water, power aid, helmet parts, medical equipment, fans and player bags all checked and loaded in a short amount of time.

After it was all loaded Don Wehrli, who has driven the truck for 15 years, locked it up and prepared to start the dive with help from Dean Espinoza who was going to share driving duties along the way.

The most surprising part for me was when I found out that they had to do this all for home games to, but they have to move everything from the Smith athletic center to Rice Eccles so they have no week off.

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thats a lot of socks.